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Yamashita-Matayoshi Kobudo
Kobudo is the use of ancient Okinawan farm tools as weapons
Kobudo meaning the "The Way of the Ancient Warrior"

This system of Kobudo has been handed down from the late Shinpo Matayoshi-Sensei who was considered the highest authority on Okinawan weapons in the world. The Okinawan people developed a system of self defense using farming and fishing implements.  This rare ancient practice has developed into the beautiful art form known as Kobudo.

The Matayoshi Kobudo system was formed by the work of three remarkable instructors - father and son, who dedicated their lives to leave us the legacy of their style. Matayoshi Shinko-Sensei and his son Matayoshi Shinpo-Sensei, influenced many other Kobudo schools which are practiced today. Hanshi Yamashita was one of Shinpo Matayoshi-Sensei's direct students.

In 2001 Yamashita-Sensei formed the Yamashita-Matayoshi Kobudo organization which maintains its roots in the Matayoshi Kobudo system. This organization is not limited to Matayoshi Kobudo and is influenced by Yamashita-Sensei's other Okinawan and Japanese kobujutsu training.




Grinding mill handles


A horses bridal


A fisherman's oar


A fisherman's net hook


A gardening sickle


Brass knuckles, said to have derived from horse-shoes


A shield and short sword



A farmer's hoe


Karate Poll

Who is the best Martial Artist?

Cynthia Rothrock - 26.9%
Bruce Lee - 25.5%
Jeff Bateman - 21.1%
Tadashi Yamashita - 11.5%
Chuck Norris - 3.6%
Jet Li - 3.6%
Jackie Chan - 3.8%
Sonny Chiba - 2.3%
Brandon Lee - 0.8%
Bolo Yueng - 0.6%
on Dragon - 0.2%

Total votes: 521
The voting for this poll has ended on: October 19, 2013

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