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nathan-luckado-yamashitaSensei Nathan Luckado
2nd Dan - Okinawan Shorinryu Karatedo
Assistant Instructor

I lived in Norfolk Va. up to age six, my family then moved to Suffolk Va. While I was in Norfolk I became friends with the son of a family who where friends with my parents. He was a few months older than me and was actually the person who first got me interested in karate. I remember hanging out with him one day and he said another friend of his had started to take karate classes at the YMCA and that he had shown him some moves. We played for hours pretending to beat up hundreds of invisible attackers with the few moves we thought we knew.

I greatly disagreed with my parents decision to move to Suffolk because they had also decided to home school me and my brother and sisters. While in Norfolk we lived in a neighborhood with other kids, the house in Suffolk was 1]2 a mile from the closest neighbor.  After I moved to Suffolk the only social life I had was the ten minutes before and after the Sundays sermons at church to hang out with anybody other than my family. My parents started to enroll me in local baseball teams during spring and summer and I also got involved in a Wednesday night church group similar to Boy Scouts called Royal Rangers.

I did this for more than a couple years and even joined the local Civil Air Patrol squadron to try to have a decent social life, but I never quite fit in. Most of the kids on the teams and programs treated me like an outsider because I was home schooled and my parents didn’t like secular media (non-Christian music or R rated movies) so I was always behind on the cool trends and music. When I was thirteen I saw an old baseball friend who I hadn’t seen for a few years in Wal-Mart and learned from his mom that he had started taking karate instead at a local dojo. The dojo was having a competition that weekend and they invited me to come watch. That weekend I showed up at a little dojo in Suffolk and from the minute I stepped in the door I felt welcome.

It took me a few days to convince my parents to sign me up for the two week trial and have loved it ever since. During the years I’ve trained at Jeff Batemans School of karate I have come to know the instructors and students as a second family and have been able to train with and eventually teach many great students. I’ve also participated in many competitions, seminars, and award ceremonies, as well as, had the honor of training (on multiple occasions) with my instructors Sensei Master Yamashita. I have always enjoyed the training and camaraderie at the dojo and as long as I am able I will continue to train

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